Popeye the Sailorman Couple Costume

Popeye is one of the funniest cartoon characters and by far the most original superhero of the last century. Born in 1929 as a secondary character in the comic strip Thimble Theatre, Popeye was an instant success among readers and its adventures gained more and more space, until Thimble Theatre was entirely dedicated to the eccentric sailormen. Popeye gets his energy from spinach, an ingredient he hates, but continues to ingest it for its benefits. He is in constant competition with Brutus and in love with Olive. This long lasting rivalry creates comic situations and great options for fun Halloween couple costumes. Read on to discover our top picks for this year’s Halloween party.

Thimble Theatre Popeye and Olive Couple Costume

Popeye and Olive Couple CostumeWhile there were no major changes in Popeye’s look along the years, there are two versions which can be individuated throughout the history. The most famous one includes a black shirt with red collar and short, blue sleeves. The pants are blue matching the shirt’s sleeves, a sailorman cap covers his head and two anchor tattoos decorate his arm. The outfit can be easily put together, so if you want a handmade Popeye costume, purchase a black shirt and glue (or sew) red fabric on the collar and blue fabric on the sleeves. Use a pair of blue pants (jeans can be a comfortable solution) and draw an anchor tattoo on your arm. Complete the look with a pipe and a white hat and you have the perfect handmade Popeye costume with minimum investment and effort. If you are not into handmade costumes, then shop here for an already made costume. They come with everything you need (except pipe and shoes) for an easy and fast disguise.

For the Olive costume, use a medium long, black skirt and attach (with glue or needle and thread) one horizontal red stripe on the lower part. Pair it with a red blouse, preferably with white collar and a pair of black shoes for the complete Olive costume. A black wig will be necessary if your hair is not similar to Olive’s. Choose your favorite one from here.

’80s Film Popeye and Olive Couple Costume

Popeye and Olive Couple CostumeThe film Popeye made in the ’80s marked Robbie Williams’s debut in the movie industry. With a role as Popeye dressed in white sailor shirt and black pants, Williams started his way up to success. For a similar costume you will need a white shirt, preferably a sailorman inspired one, a pair of blue pants, a white sailor hat with blue embellishments and, of course the pipe and the spinach can.

For Olive, we have thought of a sexy Halloween costume, with a short black dress with red embellishment and a red blouse with round, deep neckline. Who could resist this native beauty?

Brutus and Olive Couple Costume

Brutus and Olive Couple CostumeWhether you want to demolish stereotypes or simply want to show that bad guys can get the girl in the end, the Brutus and Olive Couple Costume is a good traditional version of the story.

For the Brutus costume you will need a pair of yellow pants (preferably straight ones in neon yellow), a black shirt and a blue, sailorman style hat. Add a blue belt matching the hat for extra chick look. Pair it with one of the Olive costumes detailed above and you are ready to show everyone how bad boys act for Halloween.

Whether you choose the classic Popeye and Olive couple costume or go for a Brutus and Olive couple outfit, the Popeye inspired costumes will be a blast this Halloween. Easy to wear, easy recognizable and extremely funny, these outfits will instantly put you in the spotlight.